Web Development Methodology


Embedded Development Methodology

  • STEP 1 |Client Assessment

    By meeting and completing our Deployment Guide with you, we define the primary project goals and schedule, identify the target audience and tailor the design solution to your predefined goals.

  • STEP 2 |Research + Discovery

    We gather all available data content from you, thereafter we research the Internet and all other relevant information sources to familiarize ourselves with your industry, your competition and your audience.

  • STEP 3 |Design Concept

    During this stage, we begin the process of developing the site’s “metaphor,” its look and feel, the flow of content throughout the site, the logical organization of the site’s information, and its functionality. These concepts are presented to you for your evaluation, revision and approval.

  • STEP 4 |Development

    When the Design Concept approved, we develop the site using approved graphics, content, navigation, database design, etc.

  • STEP 5 |Testing + Launch

    We test your web site to ensure it is cross-browser compatible and to evaluate its performance. Thereafter, we transfer the web site to a web server for the public’s access.

  • STEP 6 |Post Production + Promotion

    After the web site is fully functional, we provide complete support to our clients, including evaluation, on-site training for content and site management, upgrades with the latest technologies, and any required updates or patches.
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