PCB Reverse Engineering

The need for printed circuit board (PCB) reverse engineering or re-engineering comes about for a variety of reasons chief among them is the need to replace an obsolete PCB that is no longer available from the original manufacturer.


Reverse engineer your PCB first as a base set of data and then modify that base to obtain a more modern PCB that is both less expensive to build and less expensive to service.

Steps in Reverse/Re-engineering of PCB

bulletAnalysis of existing circuitry

bulletGenerate Schematic from Analysis

bulletPCB Layout and Gerber Generation

bulletIterate if required as per customer requirement

What you should expect from PCB reverse engineering projects:

bulletComplete schematic diagrams including any on board, point to point, wiring diagrams

bulletComplete bill of materials including individual data sheets on each component

bulletPCB Complete Gerber files for the production of the PCB with a set of printable PDF files

Mechanical Design & Engineering


Embedded product design would invariably require mechanical design and engineering. Thus our team of engineers provide the required support and expertise to design mechanical enclosures and other mechanical hardware for the electronics.

Focusing on mechanical design right from the beginning of product development helps us in bringing concepts to life early in design stages of the project.

Tools we use



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